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A Promise for Ellie - Audible Link     
Daughters of Blessing, Book 1

A Promise for Ellie

After two long years, hardworking dairy farmer Andrew Bjorklund is thrilled to see his fiancée, Ellie Wold, again. But when materials to build their new home are delayed, Andrew grudgingly postpones the wedding. While Ellie works at the post office, Andrew finishes their new barn. Soon a tragedy threatens their future and forces them to fully rely on God.
Lauraine Snelling, an award-winning author of over 50 inspiring books, set this compelling novel in Blessing, North Dakota, circa 1900.
©2006 Lauraine Snelling; (P) 2006 Recorded Books LLC

Sophie's Dilemma - Audible Link     
Daughters of Blessing, Book 2

Sophie's Dilemma

Award-winning historical novelist Lauraine Snelling delivers a compelling sequel to A Promise for Ellie. When 17-year-old Sophie abandons her North Dakota family in 1901, she never dreams tragedy will turn her again toward home. But she fears the loved ones she hurt will reject her - and that she'll never love again.
©2007 Lorraine Snelling (P) 2008 Recorded Books, LLC.

A Touch of Grace - Audible Link     
Daughters of Blessing, Book 3

A Touch of Grace

In a poignant tale of 1902 North Dakota, Lauraine Snelling - best-selling author of Sophie's Dilemma - explores the silent world of 18-year-old Grace Knutson. Surrounded by her family's love and the townsfolk's kindness, Grace finds all she could want in Blessing - except for a sweetheart. But when God brings a rich New Yorker into her life, Grace fears a deaf girl won't find acceptance in his privileged world.
©2008 Lauraine Snelling (P) 2008 Recorded Books, LLC

A Measure of Mercy- Audible Link     
Home to Blessing, Book 1

A Measure of Mercy

In A Measure of Mercy by acclaimed author Lauraine Snelling, 18-year-old Astrid Bjorklund’s opportunity for formal medical study in Chicago doesn’t arrive until shortly after her heartthrob Joshua Landseer returns to Blessing, North Dakota. They agree to exchange letters while she’s in Chicago. And, for a time, love blossoms—until the letters from Joshua stop coming. Convinced he no longer loves her, Astrid makes an impetuous and heart-wrenching decision.
©2009 Lauraine Snelling (P) 2010 Recorded Books, LLC

No Distance Too Far - Audible Link     
Home to Blessing, Book 2

No Distance Too Far

CBA best-selling author Lauraine Snelling has garnered numerous awards for her novels of faith and inspiration. Set in 1904 North Dakota, this compelling sequel to A Measure of Mercy features a gifted medical school graduate struggling to discern God’s will for her life.
Assuming the Lord wants her to practice medicine in a remote African outpost, Astrid Bjorklund enrolls in a missionary training school. As she prepares for the isolation and privation of a primitive land, she prays her former sweetheart will one day understand. But when a family crisis calls her home to Blessing, Astrid hears of a deadly measles outbreak on a nearby Indian reservation. Feeling inexplicably constrained to help, she wonders if God might be leading her to a “mission field” that’s much closer than she imagined.
As Snelling draws listeners into the web of this enthralling tale, Stina Nielsen’s superb narration highlights the sometimes-conflicting demands of duty, faith, and love. ©2010 Lauraine Spelling (P) 2010 Recorded Books, LLC

A Heart for Home - Audible Link     
Home to Blessing, Book 3

A Heart for Home

In this series finale by Lauraine Snelling, Astrid Bjorklund is trying to stop the epidemic ravaging South Dakota’s Red Bud Indian Reservation. Tribal elders remain suspicious of her until some begin to recover. Although Joshua Landsverk longs to fix his broken relationship with Astrid, he opposes her present work but won’t tell her why. Yet when a surprising act of kindness brings healing to the painful wrong inflicted years ago, will it be enough to rekindle their love?
©2011 Lauraine Snelling (P) 2011 Recorded Books, LLC

To Everything a Season - Audible Link     
Song of Blessing, Book 1

To Everything a Season

Lauraine Snelling Launches New Red River Valley Series
Trygve Knutson has been promoted from well drilling to heading a construction crew for the fast growing town of Blessing, North Dakota. Though devoted to the land and his family, he sometimes dreams of other horizons. But is he willing to leave Blessing permanently? Miriam Francini hopes to become an accredited nurse in a large city hospital. She is simply tolerating her assignment at the hospital in rural Blessing because it will give her the experience she needs to accomplish her goal. She can't wait to finish her training and head to New York to begin a nursing career. Then Miriam meets Trygve Knutson and all her plans are suddenly in a jumble. She quickly realizes she doesn't want to live without him, yet she's a smart, independent woman - she's even a suffragette. She can't let anything get in the way of her own plans, even if she's in love. Or can she? ©2014 Lauraine Snelling (P) 2014 Recorded Books

A Harvest of Hope - Audible Link     
Song of Blessing, Book 2

A Harvest of Hope

Just a few short weeks into her yearlong nurse training assignment at the Blessing Hospital, Miriam Antonio is called home to Chicago, where her mother is gravely ill. With siblings to care for, Miriam pleads to be allowed to finish her training in Chicago. Her nursing supervisor grants her a brief reprieve but extracts a promise that Miriam will soon return to Blessing and fulfill her commitment. While in Chicago Miriam has tried to get Trygve Knutson and Blessing out of her mind, but his letters make that impossible.
Trygve is busy building a house, hoping he can convince Miriam to return to North Dakota and marry him. Torn between Trygve's love and her family's needs, she doesn't know what to do. When Miriam finally returns to Blessing, she buries herself in her work. But no matter how hard she tries to put it off, she has some life-changing decisions to make about her future, her family...and the man who is never far from her thoughts. What will it take to convince her to stay? ©2015 Lauraine Snelling (P) 2015 Recorded Books

Streams of Mercy - Audible Link     
Song of Blessing, Book 3

Streams of Mercy

Anji Baard Moen, a recent widow, returns from Norway with her children. She quickly settles back into life in Blessing, teaching Norwegian history in the high school and writing articles for the Blessing Gazette. When tragedy strikes, Anji steps in to run the newspaper and soon finds a kindred spirit in the widower who owns the printing press. As they spend time together, Anji wonders if there's something more than friendship growing between them. But Anji has also caught the eye of a recent arrival to Blessing. He has put his carpentry skills to good use on the town's building projects, including Anji's house. But Anji is torn between her feelings of loyalty to someone who needs her and the chance to build a new life with this intriguing newcomer. Where will her choice take her?
©2015 Lauraine Snelling (P) 2015 Recorded Books

From This Day Forward - Audible Link     
Song of Blessing, Book 4

From This Day Forward

The final novel in the best-selling Blessing, North Dakota, saga! When the women of Blessing decide to give Toby Valders a push to propose to Deborah MacCallister, their matchmaking scheme yields unexpected results. Facing a crossroads in her life, Deborah finds she is no longer certain which path she should choose.
Deborah MacCallister, head nurse at the Blessing hospital, has loved Toby Valders since her school days, but she's had enough of their on-again, off-again relationship. Toby truly cares for Deborah, but he's never felt like he could commit to marriage or a family.
When Anton Genddarm, the new schoolteacher, comes to town, the young women of Blessing see a chance to force Toby's hand with a little strategic matchmaking. But real sparks fly between Deborah and Anton, and she finds herself in an even more complicated situation. The attention she gets from Anton makes Toby do some serious soul-searching, but is it too late?
Then Deborah receives an invitation to study the latest advances in nursing at a hospital in Chicago, and she faces a hard choice: leave or stay? Should she give up on the dream of Toby and accept the interest of Anton? ©2016 Lauraine Snelling (P) 2016 Recorded Books