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Teach Me to Love - Audible Link     
Brothers of Belle Fourche, Book 1

Teach Me to Love  

Izzy Lawson has taken her last abuse.
When her husband dies, she has a choice to make: Go home, and face the family who made her stay with the beast, or head to Belle Fourche to the only friend she has left. The reserve she's worked so hard to build crumbles in the verdant rolling hills, and in the arms of a man so different from her husband.
Conrad Oleson can't read, and it's shamed him for longer than he can remember.
When another teacher shows up on his front step, he's sure his brother is meddling, again. But when Izzy reveals her painful past, he can't stay away. And if learning to read brings him closer to her, he'll do about anything for her including teaching her how to love.
Don't miss this sweet western cowboy romance. Can a widow scarred by her husband finally get her happily ever after? This book was originally published in the Timeless Love: Romantic Stories That Span the Ages collection. ©2018 Kari Trumbo (P) 2018 Kari Trumbo

Dreams in Deadwood - Audible Link     
Seven Brides of South Dakota, Book 1

Dreams in Deadwood  

He has a vice as bad as her father.
Jennie Arnsby wants nothing more than to turn around and go home. Her family is on their way to Deadwood, South Dakota, when Aiden finds his way to their small wagon train. His teasing and banter leave her wanting to toss him out the back and in the dust. When they are separated outside the city, she is left wondering if she'll ever see him again.
Aiden Bradly wants to find his gold and return home. Nothing more. He can't afford to get tangled with a woman. He's doing just that until he meets the feisty Jennie. She gets him thinking about his past and forgiveness, but what's more important, his past or his new future?
Aiden will either redeem his past or claim a treasure greater than he could ever imagine, but he must choose one.
Dreams in Deadwood is book one of the Seven Brides of South Dakota series by Kari Trumbo. A romantic, Wild West romp in pioneer South Dakota. ©2017 Kari Trumbo (P) 2018 Kari Trumbo

Kisses in Keystone - Audible Link     
Seven Brides of South Dakota, Book 2

Kisses in Keystone  

Hattie Arnsby’s been a slave to men and whiskey for the last year. She’s drowned herself in drink to avoid her life at the Red Garter Saloon in Keystone, SD. When a handsome deputy finds her after a year of searching, she finally sees a sliver of hope.
Hugh Bradley is deputized to find Hattie and bring her home, but her captors aren’t ready to set her free. He must help her be rid of the drink and the binds of the brothel.
But when Hattie’s handed temptation, will she run back to her past or embrace the love growing between them?
Kisses in Keystone, the second-chance novel in the Seven Brides of South Dakota series by Kari Trumbo, combines romance, history, action, and faith into a story you won’t want to put down.
©2018 Kari Trumbo (P) 2018 Kari Trumbo

Love in Lead - Audible Link     
Seven Brides of South Dakota, Book 3

Love in Lead  

He found her at her worst, can she love him at his?
Eva Arnsby can’t stay indoors, her need to draw the woodland creatures around her home near Lead, South Dakota gets her in a heap of trouble. And none more troublesome than a shadowy stranger who steals her notebook and her spirit.
Ranger, Captain George Roth, is suspicious when he finds a small woman in man’s trousers sneaking around in the woods. Determined to discover the woman’s secrets, he takes on an assignment, ready to investigate her under the guise of a harmless town dandy.
A chameleon in a suit, Mr. George Roth is asking too many questions, and wearing too many masks. Despite Eva’s reluctance, they work together, and soon, she sees parts of George she can’t resist. Shouldn’t she follow her heart? But when the mask slips, and Eva realizes George isn’t who she thinks he is, the damage to her heart may never be mended.
One lie will break them apart, and George must convince her that the man she fell for in Lead is the same man who loved her in the woods. ©2017 Kari Trumbo (P) 2018 Kari Trumbo

Better Than First - Audible Link     
Contemporary Christian Romance

Better Than First 

Nothing will distract Isla Flores from her Paralympic goals.
Her world is work and training, nothing else matters. When her coach and best friend Duncan challenges her to make a 10-item bucket list, she's forced to think about life off the track.
The more time she spends with Duncan, the more value she sees in everyday life...and love.
Duncan Schmitz went from homelessness to his dream job as a youth pastor.
The only problem is that he's loved Isla from afar for as long as he can remember. He's taken it upon himself to remind her what life is like off the track. And maybe also remind her he's not just her coach, but the one who's cared about her the longest.
Get this sweet, heartwarming, friends-to-lovers romance by best-selling author Kari Trumbo that sounds like a Hallmark movie.
©2018 Kari Trumbo (P) 2018 Kari Trumbo