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Fried Chicken and Gravy - Audible Link     
Fried Chicken, Book 1

Fried Chicken and Gravy  

Missy may have a knack for fixing cars, but she sure can't cook.
Missy Stuart is humiliated when she burns dinner for the cute, yet outspoken new auto parts rep. But, when he suggests to her father that she should take cooking lessons from the old ladies down at his church, she wants to crawl under a car and die.
When she dutifully accompanies her father to church, she finds that she has more to learn than a bunch of recipes. This clean, Christian romance is set in Ridgefield, Washington, in the late seventies.

The Moon in June - Audible Link     
Fried Chicken, Book 2

The Moon in June  

First comes love...
Missy's trying to find her dress.
Big John is trying to find someone to replace her in his auto repair shop.
Emotions are on the line as this father tries to let go of his little girl for the big day.
Plus, a new romance is a brew - won't say who.
And two new recipes to share from the Elderly Angels' cooking classes.

Heaven Sent - Audible Link     
Christmas Romance

Heaven Sent  

One bachelor pastor + Four Christmas choir girls = Five weeks of matchmaking in a small town.

A young pastor is opposed to his congregation's attempts at matchmaking until he falls hard for one of the new choir girls. Well-meaning elderly women and an autograph book inspire sermon material in this heartwarming Christmas romance set in the small town of Silverton, Oregon. Two recipes are included.

Sticky Notes - Audible Link     
Sticky Notes Series, Book 1

Sticky Notes  

An unusual friendship forms between a young history professor and the grandmother of one of his loveliest students.
When master's student Katherine King receives an unsatisfactory grade on an exam, she learns two valuable lessons:  don't lose your cool with a young, handsome professor and, two, don't tell your grandmother about it. This lighthearted clean Christian romance is set in the rolling hills of the Palouse, in the university town of Moscow, Idaho.

The Sticky Buns Challenge     
Sticky Notes Series, Book 2

The Sticky Buns Challenge  

After Ethel's cinnamon rolls earn a higher ribbon than her neighbor's at the Latah County Fair, Joyce - a renowned baker - challenges Ethel to a Sticky Bun Baking Contest in front of their friends. Ethel, who's never made Sticky Buns before, quickly learns that she is sticky-bun-challenged, and has one month to discover a prize-winning recipe.
Lighthearted Christian fiction with two dashes of romance and a ton of calories. Two recipes are included. Ethel's 22-year-old grandson, Jimmy, comes to live with her while Katherine's teaching in Potlatch for the semester. Although this is Book Two in the Ethel King Series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

A Wife and a River - Audible Link     
A Wife and a River

A Wife and a River  

When a young, pretty woman interviews for the cashier position at his tackle shop, Trevor Dawber rethinks his prayer request.
Mae Bucknell was not what he had in mind when he asked four elderly women to pray for him in hiring his first employee. She was just the kind of lure he didn't need in his fishing store.

The Fishing Lesson - Audible Link    
A Novella

The Fishing Lesson  

Small town romance.
When Natalie’s put in charge of shuttling her boyfriend’s truck and boat trailer twelve miles downriver to the take-out, she ends up lost in the John Day River canyon. And, for some reason, she doesn’t have cell service.
When she goes knocking on doors, the only person home is Cody Felton, a young, cute, local fishing guide. He helps her find the take-out, and over the next five hours, while they wait for her boyfriend to float downriver, Cody reminds her of what she used to want for her life.
Set in the juniper dotted hills of Fossil, Oregon, this lighthearted, Christian Chick Lit romance is sure to snag your heart.
©2018 Christian Romances (P) 2019 Christian Romances

The Piano Girl - Audible Link     
Counterfeit Princess, Book 1

The Piano Girl  

Someday, she’ll be queen. But first, she must escape prison...
Princess Alia lives a charmed and spoiled life. On the night of her 16th birthday, the gifted pianist can’t wait to follow her country’s tradition of choosing the recipient of her first kiss. But her desire turns to dismay when her father ships her off in disguise to marry a man she’s never met.
Journeying through a month of misfortune, she contracts beauty-blemishing swamp pox and makes a giant mistake that lands her behind bars in her future kingdom. But when she’s assigned to entertain the locals in the village, her gift may be the key to her freedom.
Will Alia’s hardships make her worthy of the throne?
The Piano Girl is the first book in the enchanting Counterfeit Princess Christian YA fantasy series. If you like wholesome fairy tales, riches-to-rags stories, and lessons of love and faith, then you’ll adore Sherri Schoenborn Murray’s charming novel.
©2015 Christian Romances (P)2016 Christian Romances

The Viola Girl - Audible Link     
Counterfeit Princess, Book 2

The Viola Girl  

She must learn to cook or face the wrath of 12 hungry giants.
Without her father's permission, Princess Wren begins a journey to Yonder to see Alia, her older sister, and to say the goodbye that was never said.
Alone, and only 15, her plans go awry when she ends up in Gruel Kitchen where she must cook for 12 giants. In this pit of despair, will her gift for music save her?
Will she be able to escape and see her sister one last time?
The Viola Girl is the second book in the enchanting Counterfeit Princess Christian YA fantasy series. If you like wholesome fairytales, riches-to-rags stories, and lessons of love and faith, then you'll adore Sherri Schoenborn Murray's charming novel.
©2016 Sherri Schoenborn Murray (P) 2017 Christian Romances