Head in the Clouds - Audible Link     
Historical Romance

Head in the Clouds  

Following the stunning success of her high-spirited debut, Karen Witemeyer delivers this compelling blend of humor and romance. When Adelaid Proctor finds herself stranded in 1883 Texas, she’s hired by a British-born sheep rancher as governess for a daughter still grief-stricken over her mom’s death. As Adelaid gently draws the girl out of her shell of silence, the governess and sheep rancher, at first, resist their mutual attraction. But as a looming standoff draws near, it will either shatter or strengthen their developing romance.
©2010 Karen Witemeyer (P) 2011 Recorded Books, LLC

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To Win Her Heart - Audible Link     
Historical Romance

To Win Her Heart  

RITA Award nominee Karen Witemeyer is acclaimed for her winning blend of history, humor, and romance. In this heartstirring tale, repentant exconvict Levi Grant comes to Spencer, Texas, in 1887 - hoping to put his past behind him and start out fresh as the town’s new blacksmith. To promote civility, Eden Spencer runs her own lending library, where she discovers Levi’s love of literature. But just as romance begins to bloom, Eden learns of Levi’s prodigal past.
©2011 Karen Witemeyer (P) 2011 Recorded Books, LLC

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Sink or Swim - Audible Link     
Romantic Comedy

Sink or Swim  

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When it comes to romance, Jennifer Bloom sees herself as more of a coach than a team player. Still reeling from the dangerous relationship she fled a year ago, Jen is finally getting her head above water. Her job as a housekeeper at the Inn at Crescent Cove has been a lifesaver, but she's ready to move on to something more fulfilling. And she knows exactly what she wants - to manage the inn. That job would allow her to stay in Crescent Cove, the place she's come to think of as home. And stay close to the people she cares about, especially Luke - the inn's chef and her best friend. If it hadn't been for him, she probably would have drowned in self-pity by now.
Luke Strong considers his job as head chef at the inn to be a steppingstone. The last thing he expected was to get attached to the people of this small coastal town. But from the first day that Jen walked in to apply for the housekeeping job, he's been smitten. Too bad she doesn't see him as anything more than a friend. So when he's offered a job that would put him closer to his goal of owning his own restaurant, he's torn. Should he take it or stay put, on the chance that Jen might change her mind about him?
When another woman arrives in town to interview for the management job, Jen's plans get tossed overboard. Realizing that the woman has her eye on more than just the job, Jen questions her own motives for staying in Crescent Cove. Is it the town...or the promise of love? It's sink or swim for Jen. But is she too late to dive in? Crescent Cove. Where true love comes in waves.
©2017 Lesley Ann McDaniel (P) 2017 Lesley Ann McDaniel

Sticky Notes - Audible Link     
Sticky Notes Series, Book 1

Sticky Notes  

An unusual friendship forms between a young history professor and the grandmother of one of his loveliest students. This lighthearted clean Christian romance is set in the rolling hills of the Palouse, in the university town of Moscow, Idaho.
When master's student Katherine King receives an unsatisfactory grade on an exam, she learns two valuable lessons: don't lose your cool with a young, handsome professor and, two, don't tell your grandmother about it.

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The Sticky Buns Challenge     
Sticky Notes Series, Book 2

The Sticky Buns Challenge  

After Ethel's cinnamon rolls earn a higher ribbon than her neighbor's at the Latah County Fair, Joyce - a renowned baker - challenges Ethel to a Sticky Bun Baking Contest in front of their friends. Ethel, who's never made Sticky Buns before, quickly learns that she is sticky-bun-challenged, and has one month to discover a prize-winning recipe.
Lighthearted Christian fiction with two dashes of romance and a ton of calories. Two recipes are included. Ethel's 22-year-old grandson, Jimmy, comes to live with her while Katherine's teaching in Potlatch for the semester. Although this is Book Two in the Ethel King Series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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Sisterchicks on the Loose! - Audible Link     
Sisterchicks, Book 1

Sisterchicks on the Loose!  

Sharon has lived calmly in Chinook Springs, Washington, her entire life. All that changes when her best friend of twenty years, Penny, takes an impulsive trip to seek out her only living relatives in Finland, and brings Sharon with her. The land of reindeer and saunas holds infinite varieties of zaniness for these two unlikely friends, Sharon is a quiet mother of four and Penny was a motorcycle mama before she came to Christ, who return home with a new view of God, a new zest for life, and a big impact on those around them for decades to come.
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©2003 Robin Jones Gunn (P) 2003 Recorded Books, LLC

Sisterchicks Do The Hula - Audible Link     
Sisterchicks, Book 2

Sisterchicks Do The Hula  

The Sisterchicks novels bring smiles to the faces and joy to the spirits of millions of listeners. These feel-good books are called "delicious fun" by fans and reviewers alike.
Travel to sunny Hawaii with two prayer pals who have planned the vacation of their lives. Verses from the Scriptures add lively psalms of praise that echo the sisterchicks' tropical adventures - and surprises.
©2003 Robin's Ink, LLC (P) 2005 Recorded Books