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A Royal Christmas Wedding - Audible Link     
The Royal Wedding Series, Book 4

A Royal Christmas Wedding

Avery Truitt aches for true love - the kind she once shared with Prince Colin. Can she dare to hope for happily ever after, or is a fairy-tale ending beyond reach?
College volleyball star Avery Truitt has not seen her former flame, Prince Colin of Brighton Kingdom, since he suddenly pushed her away five years ago. But now the sadness of losing her father and the joy of her sister Susanna's pregnancy have brought Avery back to Brighton just in time for Cathedral City's enchanting Christmas season.
Avery knows she can't avoid seeing Colin - now the kingdom's most eligible bachelor - whether or not her heart is ready to relive the pain. But seeing him again might bring her the closure she needs after all this time.
When Colin finds himself at the center of a centuries-old Brighton tradition, he must decide whether to follow the path laid out before him or follow his heart to the only woman for whom he would ring the Pembroke Chapel Bell.
Can Colin convince Avery to meet him at the chapel on Christmas morning - as tradition dictates - or will Avery run back to her St. Simons home and pursue a coaching career, as planned?
In the fourth installment of the Royal Wedding Series, New York Times best-selling novelist Rachel Hauck weaves a charming story of holiday romance as two broken hearts seek the love they once knew. ©2016 Rachel Hauck (P) 2016 Thomas Nelson Publishers

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Heaven Sent - Audible Link     
Christmas Romance

Heaven Sent  

    One bachelor pastor
+ Four Christmas choir girls
= Five weeks of matchmaking in a small town.

A young pastor is opposed to his congregation's attempts at matchmaking until he falls hard for one of the new choir girls. Well-meaning elderly women and an autograph book inspire sermon material in this heartwarming Christmas romance set in the small town of Silverton, Oregon. Two recipes are included.
©2017 Christian Romances (P) 2017 Christian Romances

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The Christmas Tree Keeper - Audible Link     
A Novella

The Christmas Tree Keeper

Though Angela Donovan is out of work and needs money for rent, she yearns for her eight-year-old daughter to have a carefree holiday. The last thing she wants is the pressure of her daughter expecting a miracle. But when they pick out a Christmas tree at a cozy Massachusetts tree farm that's exactly what happens when they learn the trees might be miracle trees. Mark Shafer is soon to be the new keeper of the Christmas trees when he inherits the family farm. He'd like to run it with a family of his own, but his girlfriend wants nothing to do with farm life. He makes plans to sell so he can propose to his girlfriend and pursue a career in music. Then he meets an unforgettable customer and her daughter, and an anonymous gift compels them to learn the truth about the trees. With a buyer willing to pay top dollar for the land, Mark has the fate of the trees in his hand. Will he be able to see what and who is most important? And will Angela give the miracle of love a chance?
©2014 Winter Street Press (P) 2016 Winter Street Press

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Past Forward Volume 1 - Audible Link     
Independence Island Series, Prequel

Christmas on Breakers Point

One man’s last Christmas wish might change two lives forever.
Mallory Barrows has one last Christmas with her uncle. She’s determined to make it the best one he’s ever had.
She knows when she asks what he wants as his final gift, it won’t be a tie or a new mug. He won’t need those where he’s going, and he’s quite happy about that. Mallory just didn’t think he wanted a miracle wrapped in paper and tied with a shiny red bow!
In a twist on a "last chance romance," Christmas on Breakers Point introduces a new series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters. Christmas on Breakers Point is the introductory book to the Independence Islands Series.
The Independence Island Series: Beach listens aren’t just for summer anymore.
©2019 Chautona Havig (P) 2020 Chautona Havig

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Christmas Future - Audible Link     
Clean with light Christian message

Christmas Future

She's taken. He's taken. But maybe absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder.
While Scarlett Ambrose works her PR magic landing the state of Alaska on the nice Christmas spirit list, her wedding plans and a longing for Arizona’s heat have to wait. But when the wait’s too long will a warm-hearted doctor be just the prescription for lifting her cold, Scrooge-like spirit?
Gil Pennington, dubbed online as “The Compassionate Doctor,” arrives in Anchorage to set his late father’s affairs in order. He yearns for a place to call home, but an overdue breakup with his fiancé from California puts the plan on hold. What he doesn’t expect is a displaced Valley of the Sun-girl taking up residence in his heart.
Can a frosty PR rep and a benevolent doctor find love in snowy Alaska? With a bit of holiday whimsy and a big dose of Christmas spirit, maybe they will find their Christmas future.
©2018 Valerie Ipson (P) 2019 Valerie Ipson