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The Most Wonderful Bride of the Year - Audible Link     
Mail-Order Matches

The Most Wonderful Bride of the Year

Eli Farley wasn't having a good year when it came to marriage. Twice, he was engaged, and neither time led to a marriage. He finally made a choice to send for a mail-order bride, but his letter was destroyed on the way to the post office. Enough is enough, he decided. Marriage wasn't meant for him.
Or was it?
Cora Barnett's life hadn't been an easy one. Her only living parent was a drunken, good-for-nothing Pa, who ruined all her marriage prospects. Barely surviving, she jumped at the opportunity presented to her by an aunt she hadn't seen in years.
Will the union between Eli and Cora only be a means to an end, or will they find love this Christmas?
©2014 Leah Atwood (P) 2015 Leah Atwood

Free to Love - Audible Link     
Texas Wildflowers, Book 1

Free to Love  

Cord McGraw never intended to take up the life of an outlaw, but desperation changed the course of his life. A one-time deal; that's all it was meant to be. He only needed enough to see him through until he got the pay owed him. Someone was counting on him, and he couldn't let her down.
Josie Pearson's heart went out to Sissy Edwards, the orphan girl she'd found hungry on the streets. When Josie decided to adopt her, she was turned down because she was unmarried, and Sissy was sent to an orphanage.
When they both feel like giving up, will a controversial new program become an unconventional solution?
This is the first novelette of the new Texas Wildflowers series by best-selling authors Leah Atwood and Susette Williams. ©2015 Leah Atwood (P) 2016 Leah Atwood

Free to Protect - Audible Link     
Texas Wildflowers, Book 3

Free to Protect  

Emma Lee Abingdon lived the happy life of a debutante until the murder of her parents shattered the world she knew. With a murderer on the loose, staying in her house wouldn't be safe, and the sheriff recommended that she hide out until the perpetrator is caught.
Garrison Gray was the best gunman in Texas and proved his skill by shooting the hat off the next man who entered the saloon. The mayor didn't appreciate the drunken gesture, nor did he enjoy losing his hat. As a result, Garrison found himself arrested for reckless behavior and sentenced to hard labor.
When the sheriff pairs Emma Lee and Garrison for the Freedom Bride program, sparks fly and not in a good way. Grieving and torn from a life of comfort, Emma Lee had to adjust to a new way of living. Full of scorn for the wealthy, Garrison distanced himself from the woman he must protect.
Can they find a way to set aside their differences and open their hearts to love?
This is the third novelette of the new Texas Wildflowers series by best-selling authors Leah Atwood and Susette Williams. It can be heard as a standalone. ©2015 Leah Atwood (P) 2016 Leah Atwood

Free to Roam - Audible Link     
Texas Wildflowers, Book 5

Free to Roam  

After a broken engagement, Bess Star traveled to Mucksbe, Texas, to claim an inheritance left to her by a distant uncle. There's just one catch - she wasn't legally able to take ownership unless she was married. She tried to fight the matrimony clause, but a single event made her think twice. Maybe marriage wouldn't be so bad after all.
Clint Routson lost his ranch after being thrown in jail. His only crime - providing shelter for his brothers. He'd do anything to get out and return to a land he could roam for days on end. Even if it meant marriage. The more he thought of it, the more it sounded like a good idea. He'd be so busy working the Circle S, he wouldn't even have to see his wife.
When they both want something different from their marriage of convenience, will their union be an inconvenience? ©2015 Leah Atwood (P)2016 Leah Atwood

The Ultimatum Bride - Audible Link     
Mail-Order Matches

The Ultimatum Bride  

"I'm giving you two months to settle down. Find yourself a respectable wife, stop the brawling, and be the man I know you can be. Otherwise, I will tell Darrel to expect a wedding for his daughter."
"And if I refuse to marry Elsie?"
George West's eyes narrowed into tiny slits. "Then you will be written out of my will."
Jesse West is faced with an ultimatum. Unwilling to marry Elsie and steadfast against losing his right to inherit the Circle W, he must think quickly. His best option seems to be sending away for a mail-order bride.
Faith Donovan vowed never to marry. Years of witnessing her parents' abusive marriage soured her against such a union, but when she can't find employment, she answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride and hopes for the best. When she discovers her new husband has a reputation for the very things she feared, her hopes are crushed.
Yet something about Jesse draws Faith to him. Can they look beyond their pasts and forge a future filled with love? ©2014 Leah Atwood (P) 2015 Leah Atwood

The Most Wonderful Bride of the Year
Free to Love
The Ultimatum Bride
Free to Roam
Free to Protect
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